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Work from 'beyond human' challenge

Due to kids and a suddenly appearing film job my time evaporated, here's where I got to!

Backstory -
2 of the generation ships left earth before it’s final isolation.

Eventually the two clans became distinct and separate, defined by their vast fleet designs, the lofty bats created a fleet of micro gravity ships, they would buzz around, crafting suits and modifying their bodies to fight the atrophy of space. They countered their decaying optical tendons with visual implants and boosting other senses to counter this.
They primarily live in deep space, or the upper atmospheres of gas giants. They use electromagnetic weaponry and rail-guns. Have rituals of caravans and insignia, travelling flotilla.

The Crabs live in spun up stations, primarily hollowed out asteroids, these have been gradually gaining momentum and are now well above Earth rate of gravity, the crabs use huge bulky armour, they believe mankind’s place is to colonise rocky planets and moons..

Hit character limit here :(

Josh badger atack as bh bat dps 002

Bat Sniper. She works in micro gravity using her rail gun to pick off targets from very long range.

Josh badger atack as bh crab thumbs001

Crab Rogue. Plays against 'crab type' he is fast and agile, he doesn't remain hidden but uses chaff and multichannel scramblers to be difficult to track on the Bat's sensitive listening equipment.

Josh badger atack as bh crab tank002

Crab Tank - Slow and lumbering, but incredibly solid, the crab tank uses it's shield to block enemy fire and it's sawn off shotgun to provide close supporting fire.

Josh badger atack as bh bat tank001

Bat tank. Using shields and mobile barriers bat tank can hold back enemy fire.

Josh badger atack as bh bat healer001

Bat Healer. Working from her mobile hover pod lab she works supporting and healing injured bats.

Josh badger atack as bh crab healer001

Crab healer. Using her mobile healing mech the crab healer uses dangerous volatile energies to heal crabs.

Josh badger atack as bh bat dps402

Aoe Bat. Didn't get far on this one, he was going to use a huge gun to create channeled energy over a large area, with some sort of gravity disrupting waves to add exciting vfx.

Josh badger atack as bh bat dps202

Crab melee. Bladed little ball guy!