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Elite Dangerous - Coriolis station - Process.

We started pretty broad on the Coriolis station, thinking of a way to bring the old 1984 wire frame version up to date. We eventually decided we wanted to make them look old, like antiques, this would contrast really well with the shiny newer stations. Here's some of the concept art direction.

Josh atack coriit01

Final Concept.

Josh atack coriolis tower02

Docking hub base tower concept.

Josh atack tumblr n4paf3jg6h1qgwyfro5 1280

Docking hub door concept. (Inset image designed by Xavier Henry)

Josh atack ring road03

Roadway exchange concept

Josh atack ringroadbuggy01

Roadway car sketch.

Josh atack tumblr msns7g06g81qgwyfro1 1280

Early concept suggesting a less industrial direction.

Josh atack coriolis panels01

Paneling element placement guide.

Josh atack tumblr n4paf3jg6h1qgwyfro3 1280

Final in game version.